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Below is a list of our beloved puppy parents.

Below is a list of our beloved puppy parents. 


Born 2017

Genetically Tested

F1 Medium, 38lbs

Apriocot Brindle

Vancouver, BC

Meet Luna - Born 2017
F1 medium (38lbs) Apricot Brindle Aussie Doodle. Luna is in excellent health and has been genetically tested (Paw Print Genitics) and has been cleared for breeding. She is a wonderful dog and has been raised in a large family and around many people. She has an easy-going temperament, non-anxious, affectionate, playful, and extremely intelligent, we have to spell certain words around her. She is easily trainable and loves to play and interact with all. Luna loves to cuddle and is convinced she’s a lap dog. She’s overjoyed to go for walks, fetch, loves to swim, and is most excited to go mountain biking with my husband where she’s free to run with great speed and agility, also attributing to her excellent health for breeding.  

Breeding health approved by Family Vet Hospital in Chilliwack - Veterinarians specializing in breeding June 2020.

Vaccines & Health Exam Nov 2021 - Atlas Animal Hospital, Vancouver.

2nd Health check for breeding – February 2021, Atlas


Meet Sky - Born 2020

Sky is a beautiful F1 Aussiedoodle, a wonderful family dog with an extremely easy-going temperament. She presents with one blue eye and one dark eye, Sky is highly intelligent, obedient, and a very good-natured dog. She lives with our friends (guardian home), a wonderful family with 3 small children, she is well cared for and a beloved family member.  Sky has ongoing visits to our home, she will remain in our home for the duration of Whelping and the 8 weeks of motherhood.

Sky was purchased through DorenLee Darling Doodles, Alberta, BC., an experienced reputable breeder specializing in therapy dogs. All dogs are genetically tested for compatibility and health checked.

Sky is genetically tested, in excellent health, and she will have her first litter in Spring 2022. Sky’s puppies will be mini-small, ranging from 12-15 lbs. Sky carries party colours, tuxedo, and merle, and carrying the gene for blue eyes. We expect a dynamic litter!

Born 2020

Genetically Tested

F1 Mini, 20lbs

Black & White Party

Vancouver, BC


Meet Jirah - Born 2021

Jirah, with her piercing blue eyes, is our newest addition to the Mitchell family home. This little gem is a tiny 10lb package of affection, intelligence, playfulness, and she is an incredibly attentive puppy. Jirah may be tiny, but she has a big personality and feels she can do anything our 40lb Luna can do!


During Luna’s last litter Jirah played the role of the nanny, attending to all seven puppies with great care. It was amazing to behold. 

Jirah is a Dorenlee Doodle puppy, bred with genetically tested dam and sire, bred to include all the amazing traits Aussiedoodles are known for. She had her first Micro Aussiedoodle litter in the summer of 2022.

Born 2021

Genetically Tested

F1 Micro, 10lbs

Blue Merle

Vancouver, BC


Meet Sadie - Born 2021

Sadie, weighing only 8lbs, is the tiniest micro doodle in our program. She lives in a guardian home with Debbie's parents and has become the perfect dog for seniors. She is happy, calm, and gentle and has a very easy going temperament. 


Sadie is 75% poodle and 25% Australian Shepard with perfect Phantom Markings and soft curly fur. 

Born 2021

Genetically Tested

F1B Micro, 8lbs


Vancouver, BC

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