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About Us

My husband and I have been married over 36 years and, having added 7 additional children to our 4, we became a large family of 13 and we have been parenting for over 32 years.  Being pastors in Vancouver is more than our vocation, it is our life. We have always loved and cared for people, our home continues to be an open door to all those who entered our dwelling and our lives.  Parenting, whether biological, or non-biological, via natural, fostering and/or through adoption, it is a lifelong commitment to our children and family to be humble first, to celebrate the joys, and at times, bear the cost of love.


I have always had pets. I was the girl who brought home the stray dog, the wounded pigeon, the lost kitten, and often, to the frustration of my parents, insisted “WE HAVE” to take care of them!  One morning, age 11, I awoke to the sound of the meow of a kitten at my feet. My cat just gave birth and I had no idea she was pregnant. Overjoyed with excitement I watched the next one be born, and from that moment, I knew I wanted to be a part of this life-giving experience.  I grew up with pets and our home has always had a dog along with various other pets. 


Fast forward. We have had various breeds of dogs that we’ve enjoyed over the years but our most beloved has been Luna, our Aussiedoodle.  She is amazing - the perfect family dog. I’ve loved learning much about this hybrid. They are truly an amazing cross-breed of tremendous intelligence and loyalty.  It has been a life-long dream to breed dogs and to be able to put my love and passion into raising each vibrant healthy puppy, one that could bring joy into peoples lives.  Aussiedoodles are that breed!


We are now in a season of life where I am able to invest my time and energy into this dream. I have been educating myself in all aspects of breeding and have found other breeders to mentor me in the process.  I have a wonderfully supportive husband and family. They are keen to invest their time into all aspects of “Home & Family-Raised Aussiedoodles”. Litters are birthed and raised in our home, in a family environment; and, with our open-door home, there is plenty of socialization to ensure healthy development within the daily routines and sounds of a large household. 


Vancouver Aussiedoodles gives ten percent from each puppy to supporting marginalized youth in our community. As a Foster Parent, I work together with the Ministry of Children and Family Development to support families and make puppies available to approved Foster Homes. Aussiedoodles make amazing therapy dogs and I witnessed firsthand how a puppy can change a child’s life.


I’ve already met many wonderful people throughout breeding.  I’m committed to put my heart into each puppy and to build this breeding business with integrity, treating my dogs as family first, one litter at a time.



Debbie Mitchell

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