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Our Breeding Program

Core Values in our Program:

  • Breeding ethically through education and mentorship.​​

  • Breeding healthy genetically tested dogs, cleared and compatible.

  • Breeding for temperaments that reflects breed-based behavioural standards.

  • Ensuring health for the parents and litter at all stages of life and development.

Included in our Program:

  • Applying Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) day 3-16.

  • Puppy Culture Protocols & Enrichment Effect for increased emotional intelligence and stability. 

  • Developing Healthy Socialization at every stage of puppy development.

  • Veterinary Health Exams - Vaccinations, Deworming & Micro Chip Insertion.

  • Provision of a one year Health Guarantee.

  • Training period includes basic commands training, introduction to crates, collar & on leash walking, begin litter/pee pad and outdoor potty training.

  • Personal application process for adoption. Steady interactions with potential puppy owners.

  • Establishing good relationships with puppy owners for the best possible outcome for rehoming and providing on-going support for puppy owners.

  • Take-home puppy package for owners including: toys, home-made lap blanket, collar and leash, one bag of puppy food, training treats, and doggy waste bags with a dispenser... and more! Aussiedoodles go home spoiled! 

Missional Purpose for Breeding:

  • Donating 10% of all litter sales to support marginalized youth in our city and working with Resource Social Workers to rehome puppies into approved Foster Homes.

If you're interested in learning more about our program, please reach out to us at

Our Guarantee

Every puppy comes with a one-year genetic guarantee.

With every litter we give 10% to a charity that supports marginalized youth. 

Apply for an Aussiedoodle Puppy!

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