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Current Litters

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How Do I Find Out About Current Litters? 

Visit our Instagram page, @vancouveraussiedoodles, or email us,, to find out about our current litters!

About the Litters

HOME ENVIRONMENT - Our Puppies are birthed and raised as naturally as possible, in our home and among our busy family.  They are well-socialized with all ages, other pets, and exposure to household noises found in family life. They are given plenty of attention, social interaction, indoor and outdoor potty training, basic command training, and love.

Our Puppies’ early development includes Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and strategic socialization is the key to a non-anxious puppy/dog and a mandated requirement for the development of therapy dogs. Puppy Culture Protocols & Enrichment Effect are introduced for “increased emotional stability of the puppies. Better recovery from fear, less fear-based aggression, calmer, and quicker to learn basic “commands.” So the kind of intelligence that enrichment cultivates is compatible with an “easy to live with” kind of dog. In sum, the Enrichment Effect is a net plus for everyone, and every breeder and puppy owner should take advantage of it!” (Jane Killan, Author)

Benefits include (1) Improved ability to learn and remember, (2) increased emotional stability, and (3) better resiliency to stress.
In our program, we do all we can to breed for health, temperament, and longevity, so our puppies have a long quality life with their forever families.  Our website provides more detailed information.

VAD welcomes and encourages  local puppy owner visits and quality time for attachment. I provide ongoing updates, photos, and videos. Instagram will be available soon to view your puppy.

REHOMING PACKAGE - Our rehoming package includes:

  • Vet checks, vaccinations, deworming, identification micro chip & Health Passport.

  • One year genetic health guarantee. 

  • One month TRUPANION Pet insurance.

  • Gift starter package with puppy food, training treats, toileting bags & dispenser, toys, lap blanket (litter scents), pup's first collar & leash.... and more, spoiled puppies!

Serious enquires only:  

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