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Some words from our puppy families!

"Working with Debbie was great! She was super accommodating whenever we wanted to visit our pup and made the process of becoming a new pet owner really easy.


We're now the proud owners of a healthy, happy baby Aussiedoodle and couldn't be happier.

Thank you to Debbie!"

Mary & Blake, Vancouver, BC (December 2020)

"We purchased a mini-aussiedoodle from

Debbie, she came home with us on October 30, 2020.  My first comments are on the experience of dealing with the breeder – she was fantastic! Really great at regular communication, updates on the puppies, let us come and visit our pup, and always kept us informed and updated specifically on our puppy’s progress, including sending us photos and videos. She was very knowledgeable and informative, answered questions about the parents of our puppy, and to top it off, she was very friendly and kind. 

My second comments are in regard to our puppy Penny.  We absolutely love

her, she is the cutest, most lovely, good-natured dog.  She has been a joy since

we got her, just fits into our family so well. 


I would very highly recommend this breeder and her puppies to anyone looking for a mini-aussiedoodle."  

Kristine, North Vancouver, BC (October 2020)

Having never owned a dog before, good fortune was on our side when we met Debbie. Our experience of choosing and buying a dog was easy, exciting and seamless from start to finish. We met Debbie by FaceTime when Luna’s pups were four days old!

We were kept up to date with Bean and the litter’s growth and development through pictures, videos, vet reports and safe outdoor visits. We live near Debbie and even brought Bean home for “gradual entry” visits!

Debbie studied and utilized neuro stimulation approaches from early on with the pups. This, plus the presence of her extraordinarily large and loving family ensured that Bean was well socialized and not at all anxious by the time he came home with us. 

Communication with Debbie was professional and friendly, courteous and prompt. No question went unanswered, all interactions warm and kind, and overall a memorable first experience. Bean has been home for 3 months now and Debbie and I keep in touch. I consider her Bean’s special relative and I now also consider her a friend. 


We highly recommend Debbie as a breeder.


Debbie, Jillian, & Shayna, Vancouver, BC (January 2021)

My son had been bugging me to get him a dog for a couple years. Never being a been a dog person so I was on the fence. I finally caved, the pandemic hit, we were stuck at home, I figured it's now or never! We had time and energy to spend with a puppy.  Now I don't know what we did before we had our Bella! She is the biggest gift to our family.


I know I'm probably a bit biased, but Bella is the sweetest dog I've ever met. Her temperament is very laid back and easy going. She doesn't have 1 ounce of aggression. She plays excellently with other dogs. She is excited to meet everyone she encounters. She loves belly rubs and playing fetch. She was extremely easy to crate train and to just train in general as far as commands and tricks - she is very intelligent. 


I was so grateful to Debbie for making the entire process of getting Bella so comfortable, informative and exciting. We were able to meet and hold Bella when she was 1 week old, we also went to visit her a couple more times before we took her home.  Debbie sent us pictures and videos often and was very quick to respond to any questions or concerns that came up for us while we were waiting to bring Bella home. We really felt a part of her weekly development, which took the stress out of our decision and made it exciting. I felt like a pest with all the questions I had, but Debbie was always warm and friendly and easy to talk to. She is very knowledgeable.

Debbie has a big family, which was incredible for our puppy to grow up around in her formative weeks. She was held, cuddled and well socialized daily by kids and adults. I believe that is the reason Bella is such a joy now. Everywhere we go people stop us to pet her and tell us how cute she is.


I highly recommend Debbie as a breeder! She cares so much about people and puppies! You will not be disappointed in any way during the whole process... and you'll be blessed with a puppy that will bring your family so much happiness. 

Elizabeth & Austin, North Vancouver, BC (February 2021)

From our experience, Debbie and her family are guided by best practices in raising and caring for the young pups and she took the time to find the right families for each of them. 

Our Bramble is intelligent, fun loving and playful, he's super friendly with all people and all dogs - in short he's the perfect family dog.

When I met Debbie, and learned about her process of raising the puppies, I was impressed with the thoroughness of the care they received and the research and professional support Debbie sought out for their early development, this included neurological stimulation, and excellent socialization of the litter. We accredit Bramble's relaxed and calm temperament to his early development, and to the care he had in the warm and busy family environment within the breeder’s home. A bonus is that training him has been easy. I can imagine him being a therapy dog when he's a bit older, as he loves to engage with people. 

I would recommend this breeder to anyone considering adding an Aussiedoodle to their family.

Sara & family, Duncan, BC (February 2021)

When choosing a breeder, I wanted to make sure I chose someone that was most importantly ethical, ensuring both puppies and mother were well cared for and loved. From my first conversation with Debbie, I felt reassured I was getting a puppy from a loving home. She answered all of my questions and concerns with patience and kindness and explained all the ways she was ensuring proper development of the puppies from day one.


This patience and transparency didn’t stop after I decided to purchase a puppy but continued throughout the entire process; Debbie continued to send many photos and videos of Blu, where I could see the home environment the puppies were raised in, and witness all of the love and care the puppies were receiving. So much of my puppy Blu’s sweet and social nature I attribute to Debbie and her family.


Blu is almost 5 months old and he is a smart, loving, and a social boy. He loves all people big and small, befriending all who pass, dogs and people alike. Blu is smart like his mother Luna and picks up training quickly, he had already learned to sit before bringing him home at 2 months and potty training was a breeze. Blu is extremely loyal and rarely lets me out of his sight, even with distractions of other dogs, he is overall a relaxed and loving companion and I couldn’t ask for a better dog.


I feel so blessed to have found Debbie

and that I was able to receive one of her amazing puppies.

Jillian G., Vancouver, BC (October 2020)

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