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Family-Raised Aussiedoodle Pups

aussiedoodle puppy

About Us

At Vancouver Aussiedoodles, we breed family-raised aussiedoodles. Our love for our own family aussiedoodle, Luna, started our breeding program, and it's our passion to share our love of aussiedoodles with others.

You can fill out at application here, or contact us directly at

Why Choose Us


Our puppies are raised in a family environment with lots of attention, socialization, visitors, and fellow four-legged friends. This results in well-socialized, good-tempered family dogs.

Comprehensive Breeding Program

Check out our "About Us" pages to learn about our comprehensive approach to breeding excellent Aussiedoodles.

Genetic Testing & Temperment

All dogs in our breeding program (parents) are genetically tested for compatibility and chosen for temperaments that reflect breed-based behavioural standards.

Our Puppies



"Everywhere we go people stop us to pet her and tell us how cute she is. I highly recommend Debbie as a breeder! She cares so much about people and puppies!"

Elizabeth & Austin

Feb 2021

"Not only does Debbie care for her litters with the utmost love and attention, but she also prepares future puppy owners for the responsibilities that come with caring for a puppy."

Bill, Christine & Grayson

Dec 2022

"So much of my puppy Blu's sweet and social nature I attribute to Debbie and her family. I couldn't ask for a better dog."

Jillian G.

Oct 2020

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